20mph Consultation

Bristol City Council is currently consulting residents on whether we would like to see changes to the 20 mph speed limit. These limits were introduced in 2012, and apply to most residential roads in our area. It has been shown in a UWE study that vehicle speeds have reduced (though not down to 20 mph) leading to fewer accidents.

The current consultation is about ‘fine tuning’ the limits. It allows respondents to suggest roads with 30 mph limits that could be reduced to 20 mph, or roads with 20 mph limits that could be raised to 30mph. It asks specifically about the following roads in the Bishopston, Cotham and Redland wards.

Currently 20 mph: Ashley Down Road, Cheltenham Road (A38), Cotham Brow, Cotham Road, Cranbrook Road, Gloucester Road (A38), Redland Road.

Currently 30 mph: Kellaway Avenue.

It also gives the option to nominate other roads for review.

If you want the speed limit on a road to remain the same, it is important to respond to the consultation with ‘Retain the speed limit’. Otherwise, responses may be skewed towards those asking for the limit to be changed.

To have your say, go to the online consultation website:


The consultation closes at the end of August.