Development levy allocated by Councillors

At a recent meeting in City Hall, our local councillors decided how to spend over £57,000 of Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) funds. These funds are available for local infrastructure projects, intended to support the provision of infrastructure for the developments on which the levy is made. In addition, a further  £127,000  of ‘S.106’ funds, arising from specific planning obligations, can be allocated for specific purposes, such as improvements to parks or highways.

Decisions about projects for our locality, which used to be made in consultation with the BCR Neighbourhood Partnership, are now made by Area Committee 2 (AC2), which consists of all the councillors from the wards of Bishopston & Ashley Down, Cotham, Redland, Henbury & Brentry, Horfield and Southmead. Only five candidate projects were accepted by AC2 as candidates for the 2018 round:

  • tree replacement (Bishopston & Ashley Down ward)
  • all-weather surfacing for children’s play area (Horfield ward)
  • health hub in park (Henbury & Brentry ward)
  • improved access to Doncaster Road Park (Southmead ward)
  • tree replacement (Cotham, Redland and Henbury & Brentry wards)

All of them were awarded funding. Some S.106 funding, which was due to expire if not allocated, was awarded to highways improvements around the cricket ground.

BCR Community Partnership submitted a statement (BCRCP-AC2-24Sept2018-statement [pdf, 61KB]) on the way the process had been run, pointing out the absence of publicity calling for proposals and lack of consultation with the community on setting its local priorities. A review of the process is planned before the next round of awards in 2019.