Bristol Transport Strategy consultation

As part of setting goals for travel in our area, Bristol City Council has published a detailed consultation document ‘Bristol Transport Strategy‘ (pdf, 11MB). It proposes how the city could meet the challenges of congestion and pollution caused by traffic while meeting the needs for new housing and jobs.

As part of the consultation, there is an online simulator that allows you to try setting priorities for transport improvements in Bristol and to look at funding options to enable improvements to be made.

If you don’t have time to read the full strategy, there is also a summary document (pdf, 370K).

Your views on the strategy are important. Though it doesn’t go into detail about the implications for specific streets or areas, it will set the framework for transport planning for the forseeable future.

To have your say, go to the Bristol Council consultation hub on Bristol Transport Strategy consultation 2018.

The consultation closes on 2 November.