Bishopston Community Fair – call for participants

Saturday 21st September  1pm – 3.30pm

Community groups are inited to have a free stall at the Bishopston Community Fair in September at the Bishopston Library, Gloucester Rd.

This is an event organised by the Friends of Bishopston Library, The Bishopston Society and Bishopston Cotham and Redland Community Partnership, in conjunction with Bishopston Library. We would like to show local people there is a vibrant voluntary sector in the neighbourhood and give you an opportunity for you to “showcase” your organisation, and attract more supporters and volunteers.

The event will be free to all and will be on the upstairs floor of the library (there is a lift). There will be room for up to about 35 organisations, but exhibition space for each organisation will be limited. However we can provide:

  • tables for tabletop displays
  • vertical space to hang posters etc (with easy-to-remove Sellotape or Blutak)
  • vertical display boards
  • shelving for leaflets

and a chair for each exhibition. The allocation of these will be on a “first come, first served” basis on receipt of the booking form, attached.

The Friends of Bishopston Library will provide tea, coffee, fruit juices and cakes (donations bucket) and we are planning to have two local community choirs for part of the time. The local free papers will be covering the event.

The only conditions are:

  • participating organisations are non-profitmaking and make a contribution to the wellbeing of the people in the Bishopston library neighbourhood (although not necessarily exclusively so)
  • no selling, but donations are fine
  • no refreshments as the Friends of the Library will be providing these.

If you have any queries, or want to bring your own display equipment (we would need to check the floor space you might need first) please email us on

We hope you are able to take part in this event. The deadline dates are:

We would be very grateful if you could publicise this event through your own networks, and let us know of any organisation which may wish to have a stall.

Friends of Bishopston Library