No CIL funds to be awarded in 2020

We have been told that local project funding through Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) will not be allocated this year.

As the available funds are likely to be relatively small, Area Committee 2 (consisting of Councillors from our three wards and three others) have decided not to award any funds to projects in 2020. This means that any community groups thinking of proposing projects will have to look elsewhere for funding until 2021.

Last year, Area Committtee 2 were able to allocate £96,833 to projects across the six wards. But they also reserved £17,689 from the 2020 funds in order to proceed with the Cranbrook Road pedestrian crossing that has been a road safety concern for many years.

Given the prospect of less remaining CIL funds in 2020, the decision has been made to postpone their allocation until 2021. Any project proposals for CIL funding will have to be put aside until March next year.

The Area Committee process was scheduled to take nine months from outline proposals to allocation of funds in 2020. Councillors have to spend a lot of time on the process, which can become inefficient when only small sums can be allocated. This year the timescale has also been extended because local elections take place in May.