Liveable Neighbourhoods

BCR Community Partnership is one of the supporters of a new city-wide campaign for Liveable Neighbourhoods for Bristol.

Liveable Neighbourhoods are residential neighbourhoods that contain traffic filters such as bollards or planters. The filters stop cars, vans and lorries from the bordering main roads using the streets as rat-runs.

Residents and local businesses still have full access and can get deliveries. Traffic reduces and brings all sorts of benefits: clean air, easier social distancing, safer streets, more trade and footfall to the local high street – even higher life expectancy.

If you want your neighbourhood to be for local people, not through-traffic, please sign the petition.

If you use Facebook, you can discuss suggestions for local improvements in our area on two Facebook groups:

And if you would like to be a local champion for Liveable Neighbourhoods or to join the campaign working group, please get in touch via