Redland Road / Zetland Road roundabout

Improvements to the layout of the mini-roundabout at the junction of Redland Road / Zetland Road / South Road have been on the Council’s safety roadworks list for some time as there have been several accidents at this location.

There was a consultation last year that proposed banning a left turn from Zetland Road into Redland Road. However, objections were raised that this might encourage drivers to go all the way around the roundabout. Also, it would not help the conflicts caused on the section of Redland Road between Zetland Road and Cotham Brow.

A second round of consultation is now underway that proposes a one-way section of Redland Road from Elmgrove Road to Zetland Road for vehicles (except cycles) as well as reconfiguration of the approaches to the roundabout.

Have your say on these proposals at The consultation closes on 18 December 2020.