Bishopston and St. Andrews Traffic and Parking Group [BOSA]

The Bishopston and St. Andrews Traffic and Parking Group [BOSA] was formed in 2017 by two groups of local residents who shared concerns about the growing problems of traffic and parking in the neighbourhood and the associated risks to safety and the effects on air quality.

We meet every 6 – 8 weeks to discuss matters of mutual concern and to plan actions and lobbying opportunities.

Although we accept that our concerns are shared by residents in adjoining neighbourhoods, our current focus of attention is on the area defined by Cranbrook Road, Clare Avenue, Berkeley Road, Sommerville Road, Ashley Road, Hurlingham Road, Balmoral Road, Cromwell Road. We would welcome contact from resident groups in adjoining areas to share ideas and enthusiasm.

BOSA’s objectives

  • To listen to the experiences and views of residents about traffic and parking in the area.
  • To investigate potential solutions to the problems we and other residents identify: this may include residents parking zones.
  • To inform the public about our activities and actions.
  • To work with other groups across the city who share our concerns and aspirations.
  • To work with local Councillors and our Member of Parliament to find sustainable solutions to the traffic and parking problems in our area.
  • Where possible, to inform vehicle owners and drivers about the need to consider the needs of local residents including pedestrians and cyclists and vulnerable people.

Following a very successful public meeting called by Thangam Debbonaire MP in May 2018, recent activity includes regular meetings with local councillors, questions to full council meetings and, in December, we participated in the filming of a TV programme about traffic and parking to be shown on Channel 5 in April 2019. We are also recruiting street ambassadors to work with neighbours and friends in the area.

If you are concerned about traffic and parking in the area and/or would like to become a ‘street ambassador’ please contact us and consider getting involved in our campaign.