Family Food Action FFA

During the first national lockdown, Family Food Action, a local group of neighbours, started supporting the vital work done by the local organisations such as the Vench Playground in Lockleaze and St.Pauls Children’s Centre and schools such as May Park school in Easton. This has continued and we are now supporting over 250 families each week. The direct contact which these organisations have with families in their immediate communities ensures that food gets to those who need it most and supports community connections.

Donations and delivery loads February 2021

A number of streets in the BCR area locally collect food and toiletries which are then taken to the sorting hub for allocation to the partners according to wishlists, which are regularly updated. The collection is then taken to the partners, the Vench, St Paul’s CC and Felix Road Adventure Playground, which was added to our partner list in spring 2021, and May Park school, for onward distribution to local families. The existing relationship between families and these organisations enables more targetted support depending on need.

Through our school partner, our food donations are distributed directly to school families

Two of our other partners, The Vench and St Pauls Children’s Centre, are both part of the FOOD (Food On Our Doorstep) initiative launched by the national charity, Family Action. FFA Food donations complement the donations made to FOOD by FareShare; FareShare distributes surplus food from across the food industry. The scheme enables good quality food to be provided, while also reducing food waste.

It costs just £1 a year for a family to become a member of the scheme. Members are able to purchase for £3.50 a bag of food and toiletry items every week worth approx. £15 – £20; the £3.50 charge to families supports the cost of running the scheme. Unlike Food Banks, recipients do not need to be referred by the local authority or through the Trussell Trust. Food donations to the Vench, St Pauls and Felix Road are also used to make packed lunches and meals for the children and families during school holidays and at playgroups/ afterschool clubs.

FFA donations of Fresh fruit and vegetables and fridge goods such as cheese, butter and eggs and treats like chocolate bars are particularly welcome. A majority of recipients are vegetarian or do not eat meat so we focus on these types of food donations as well as toiletries such as nappies, sanitary towels, soap, shampoo and baby toiletries.

As furlough arrangements come to an end and redundancies increase, child poverty is rising.   Never has it been more important to keep a safety net in place for children and food donations continue to be very gratefully received.

For more information about the group, for offers of support, and for enquiries about setting up similar organisations please contact

Streets involved in the FFA group are organised by local reps, often via WhatsApp groups

  • Salthrop Road / Morley Sq BS6
  • Raglan Rd, Place / Pine Grove Place, Meridian Terrace
  • Clare Avenue
  • Wathen Rd
  • Somerville Rd
  • Effingham Rd
  • Chesterfield Rd
  • Maple Rd
  • Upper Belmont Rd/ Longfield Rd
  • Leopold Rd
  • Windsor Rd
  • Brynland Ave/ Nevil Rd
  • Tyne Rd
  • Broadway Rd
  • Cranbrook Rd
  • Limerick Rd/ Glentworth Rd
  • Grove Park/ Redland Grove
  • Redland Court Rd
  • Salisbury Rd
  • Northumberland Rd
  • Cotham Lawn Rd
  • Trelawney Rd
  • Cotham Vale
  • Kingsdown Parade
  • Chandos Neighbourhood
  • Downfield Road BS8