Privacy Policy

What personal data we hold

If you have signed up as a partner or to receive our newsletter, BCR Community Partnership holds the personal data you provide to allow us to communicate with you. We use this data to send out news and other communications until you choose to stop receiving them. We do not hold sensitive personal information, nor do we share any personal information with others, including marketing organisations.

Where we hold the data

We use MailChimp (a widely used online service for managing communications) to securely hold our contact information. This is subject to their own privacy policy and terms.

How you can access, change or delete your data

You can view the information that is held about you either using the link included in each newsletter or by re-using the signup form with the email address you originally used. You will then receive an email giving access to your data.

Either of these methods also allows you to change or delete the information that is held about you. If you cannot access your data in this way, you can ask us about your data via the email address