Report it

Reporting street issues

  • Litter, fly-tipping,
  • fly-posting,
  • graffiti or tagging, 
  • roads that need cleaning,
  • overgrown trees or hedges blocking pavements,
  • potholes,
  • blocked drains,
  • street light problems.

The best way to report these issues to Bristol City Council is to use the Report a street issue page on the BCC website. You can report most issues there by completing the online reporting form. Remember to record the reference number so that you can chase this up, if necessary.

(You can telephone the Customer services number 0117 922 2100 but it is an automated service which is very slow to respond, and requires the service officer to complete the form for you.)

Overgrown Hedges: The council will contact the property owner to ask them to deal with the issue, and tell them that, if the work is not carried out within a specified period, the council will carry out the work and charge the owner.

Graffiti: Should also be reported to Avon and Somerset Police on their Report illegal graffiti webpage so that they can measure how frequently and where it is happening in order to try and catch those doing it.

Reporting other issues

see Bristol City Council page here for reporting graffiti on public and private property

Further information on reporting graffiti here:

Tagging on parking meters

this will not be done by Bristol Waste Company- it needs to be reported to Bristol Parking Services.

For Residents Parking Meters: parking services  go to

Bus shelters

eg tagging/ fly-posting/ cleaning

You can report this on the BCC website here but it is more effective to report it straight to Clearchannel who are responsible for the maintenance of bus shelters for Adshel, the contractors, (timetables are the responsibility of Bristol City Council).

Please report all maintenance issues, including graffiti and smashed window panes directly to Clear Channel by email or phone, 08007313699.  Each bus shelter has a unique number painted along the top of the shelter, please quote number when reporting.

To request a new bus shelter contact BCC.

Post box issues

eg tagging/ flyposting

email giving the location and the postbox number which is found at the bottom of the white plastic sign that states the collection times in the subject line and asking

“Please arrange for an event to be raised through the property Helpdesk for ROMEC to respond and repair/ repaint the box”

Phone boxes

Damage to phone boxes can be reported using

Criminal issues

Police emergency number

You should always call 999 if you or someone else is in immediate danger, or if the crime is in progress.

Police non-emergency issues

You can report the issue by ringing telephone number 101 ( max charge 15p) or by using their website page to contact the officers for our area.

Links to our Neighbourhood Policing Teams


If you would prefer to pass on information about crime or people you know or suspect are committing it without revealing your identity to the police you could talk to Crimestoppers, an independent registered charity 

for more information see their website,

or to speak to them, phone 0800 555 111

Traffic speeding issues

You can find out how to set up a Community Speed Watch here

Student issues

If you report a street issue such as overflowing waste bins and you know it is a student household, mark it as student in your report.

Bristol Student Community Partnership

If you have an issue to do with student residents living near you, you can report it online and to the liaison officers.

Go to University of Bristol complaints page for information on issues and resources like leaflets which you can use to contact student residents who are causing problems.

Contact either or both of the University community liaison officers UoB ( or UWE ( ) who will establish whether the student house in question is occupied by University of Bristol or University of the West of England students.


Issues of noise from student households should be reported to the University via the complaints page or to ( or and the BCC Pollution team here 

For more details about noise issues from student parties see The Noise Pages

Dog issues 

including dog fouling. Report as Street Issue or here.


Report issues or find out about sponsoring trees here.