Walk Your Way To Health

Walk Your Way To Health is a local group set up to extend the Let’s Walk
Bishopston map, created in 2015 to encourage local walking.

Let’s Walk North Bristol

The extension adds three useful easy-access routes around the area. It consists of two routes from GP surgeries to Southmead Hospital, together with an “Access Fitness” route made up of three linked loops, offering a choice of distances from half a mile to 2.75 miles. All routes are on surfaced paths or pavements, so are suitable for wheelchairs and buggies, whether people want to get fit (after surgery or ill-health) or to keep fit.

Hospital Walks

In addition there are three routes, centred on the Hospital, and created for staff and visitors by the Sustainable Development Unit at North Bristol NHS Trust. They are: Horfield Hike, Monks Park Meander and Walks to Wellbeing.

Download the map

This is an A3 version of the map suitable for printing and folding:

LetsWalkNorthBristol2018-printA3map (pdf 421KB)

Detailed versions of the Walk Your Way To Health routes (and other easy-access short walks) are available to everybody, free, on the Ramblers’ website:  ramblers.org.uk

Contact us

If you need to contact someone about this walking guide, please email  info@bcrcp.org.uk or SustainableDevelopment@nbt.nhs.uk


Walk Your Way To Health is grateful to the Dr Jazz Charitable Funds (drjazzmusic.co.uk) for a grant to kick-start their project, to North Bristol NHS Trust for extra walks on the map and funds for completing the project, and to BCR CP for online hosting.